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Extension of the patent

According to the paragraph 5 of the Article 3 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Protection of Selection Inventions", the validity of a patent for plant varieties is 25 years, for breeds of animals - 30 years, for grape varieties, wood ornamental, fruit and forest crops, including their seedling stocks, is 35 years from the date of the application to the expert organization.

The term of the patent is extended by the authorized body at the request of the patent owner, but not more than for 10 years.

A request for extending of a patent for a selection invention is submitted to the expert organization during the last year of its period of validity, if it is maintaining. The request shall be submitted in accordance with the form provided in Annex 5 to this Rules. The request shall be accompanied by a document confirming the appropriate payment for the extension of the patent for the selection invention and publication of information on the extension.